The home is one of the most valued belongings as well as one of the most comfortable location to be in. A house is where the heart is … be it after a lengthy day of strenuous job or in morning, but we anticipate loosen up at our own home. An individual’s house is where he looks for solace, convenience as well as has invaluable memories with his family members. Because our home is of utmost value to us, we our constantly concerned concerning securing it from adverse energies or evil eyes bordering us. Thus like paying various other utility bills, doing interiors, acquiring grocery store is very important, at the exact same time it is essential that we follow a couple of easy Vaastu Shastra ideas to make certain healthiness of our home and of all the friended and family living in it. If a home is made according to the concepts of Vaastu Shastra, the prisoners appreciate all the joy of life and the other way around.


Some very easy to follow Vaastu suggestions are:

Attract positive energies

Vaastu Shastra has to do with positivity so guarantee that everything in your home brings in and also produces benefit powers. Pick houses having north, north-east as well as east encountering entry. Small habits like switching on the lights when it obtains dark, cleaning hands and also feet after getting home function as a facial cleanser in shooing away negativity. Praying in morning as well as night, lighting a diya and also scent sticks assists negative or evil eyes steer clear of.

Get away from clutter

Cleanliness brings positivity, thus lower as much mess as you can. Get rid of off the important things that are not used because long and will never ever be made use of. Guarantee that your home is dusted daily and also kept cool as well as clean. A clean house shows positivity whereas clutter causes complication as well as leads to debates in family members.

Make certain your house does not have a lot of sharp sides

Avoid having a lot of sharp sides in your home like of racks, furniture, shelves etc as they attract negative thoughts. Prior to purchasing a level make certain that the corners of the walls have rounded edges as well as few open edges.

Let your room boost your relationship

The room must always have calming colors for walls as well as for furnishings. There need to be happy imagines around of you and your partner or your family members. Make sure that the bed doesn’t deal with anything made of glass like a mirror as it brings bad dreams.

Prevent strange noises and also things

Thorny plants and also hedges like cactus draw in negative thoughts as well as ought to not be maintained inside the house. Also fabricated blossoms or plastic flowers or plants should be avoided as well as instead homes ought to be decorated with fresh blossoms. Doorbells having an undesirable ring spoil the mood of your house as well as therefore need to be stayed clear of.

Have a nameplate outside the door

Vaastu specialists advise that there must constantly be a nameplate outside your residence as it suggests the house ownership and it works in the favor of the proprietor by attracting favorable energies as well as obtaining excellent possibilities to him.

Placement of kitchen

The cooking area ought to always be built in the south-east edge of your house or the next to best choice is the north-west edge. However the gas range should be kept in the south-east instructions.

Do not maintain medicines in the kitchen

Medicines needs to never be kept in the cooking area due to the fact that a cooking area shows happiness and also healthiness whereas medicines mirror the opposite.

Place holy water in the house

Location holy Ganga jal in the dark and the very least used edges of the house to help the inflow of positivity. Adjustment this water as soon as a week.

Placement of divine sign of Swastik

It is favorable to attract the holy signs of health and wellness, wealth and also prosperity- Swastik as well as OM on the outer side of the major door.

Wind chimes in the house

Wind chimes should be utilized as they assist damage the adverse power patterns and also result in inflows of positivity.

Salt soaks up unfavorable energy

Positioning the salt bowls in the edges of your home help absorb the unfavorable powers.


Vaastu Shastra is crucial to lead a far better as well as a happier life and also not even tough to execute. With its assistance, individuals can harness the advantages of numerous positive powers as well as planetary forces to their benefit. Its advantages are primarily psychological or spiritual but then everything boils down to the sensation of peace and also positivity. In a city home it is a little hard to have all these factors integrated but if you are building an independent residence, it is much better if a lot of them are applied. Even if you have the ability to apply half of these rules, it ensures you of your as well as your family members’s well-being.

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